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Latest update: 17.06.21

Panier Emilie is respecting your privacy. According to the EU principles and set of rules. Furthermore her data is stored at European datacenters. However; Panier Emilie is using US based software. Unfortunately US based companies are experiencing a hard time to comply to the current GDPR regulation. So she had to find a mean solution. In which your data is GDPR-proof. The solution is a direct segway of your registration to Sendinblue. This French company is specialised in marketing automation and CRM. And her services are operating from datacenters, located in Europe

The following data is stored at EU datacenters, when registered for the monthly newsletter: 

  • Your first name 
  • Your last name 
  • Your email address

In case you prefer to have your data removed. Please send a request to and your data will be removed from Panier Emilie’s database that is stored at Sendinblue. That is a French company that explicitly is storing data in Europe

cookies as a platform does work with cookies. So providers like WordPress, Elementor, Google Analytics, Sendinblue  and Go Daddy can provide optimal services. However this website is solely profiting from cookies from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective. On a daily basis Emilie is checking out what people like to find on

On this page you will find an overview of all providers and their policy on privacy and the storage of data

Wordpress is a WordPress website. Automattic (the organisation behind WordPress) is acknowledging EU laws on privacy. In her terms & conditions Automattic is stating she is sharing data with third parties. For the sake of optimisation of services. This statement is no different than other US based parties as listed. And for this particular reason Emilie has chosen to store your newsletter registration data at Sendinblue. That is a French company that is storing data in Europe.


Elementor is the name of a website design tool. And this tool has been connected to Panier Emilie's WordPress website. Within Elementor there is an extensive marketing suite. However 8P deactivated this suite for the reason as stated earlier. Emilie has chosen Sendinblue for marketing activities and storing data

Google Analytics

Emilie is using Google Analytics to monitor what visitors are looking for. At what time of day. And from what continent


With care, Emilie has chosen the French Sendinblue as her online crm- & marketing tool. This for GDPR reasons. Here a copy of her statement on data storage: "The hosting servers on which SendinBlue processes and stores its databases are all located within the European Union, on our own servers, on Google Cloud or on AWS. We rent storage bays in French datacenters (Online’s DC2 and DC3 datacenters located in Vitry-sur-Seine, in the region of Ile-de-France), and the hardware used is owned solely by SendinBlue. Data is stored either on Google Cloud in Belgium or on AWS in Ireland. All data is copied at least three times in at least two different geographical locations. In the event of a catastrophic scenario, SendinBlue also regularly backs-up your data. This is encrypted before being stored in the cloud (AWS or Google Cloud). Data is backed up at least once a week and in some cases (depending on how you use your data) more often"


Like other US based companies GoDaddy is sharing data with third parties. All this to provide better services. And for this very reason Panier Emilie is storing her data at Sendinblue. Godaddy does not have any access to your newsletter registration data

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A payment provider has not been chosen, yet. Emilie is looking for the right payment provider, that is praised for her security policy

footnote on privacy

All contracts with the applications as listed on this page. Are signed by the mother company of Panier Emilie. The latter  is a consulting agency operating from The Hague, Holland. And is registered as a trademark in by Emilie Verbeek. She is the founder and owner of Fabulous Strategy. And this company is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (registration number: 707025535)