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savorySavory is a great side-kick to beans. In French the name for this spicy herb is Sarriere. And there is a big chance you already have experienced the taste of this famous ingredient. For the very reason that she is part of the mix called Herbes de Provence. Now back to beans. A pinch of dried savory to broad beans. Will ad this tangy twist. To a soft. But rather bland bite of beans

Savory is adding this tangy twist to a soft. But rather bland bite of beans

In Europe beans do have this reputation. For being nutricious. But boring. Missing out on texture and crispiness. The other day I shared my recipe on broad beans. And some followers on Instagram confided in me. That they hate this vegetable. And I believe the cause of this dislike. Is in the cooking. I was taught. Like my grandmother and mother, to cook broad beans. Until the moment they are soft. When the bite and subtle taste of each bean has gone


That is the reason I recommend to blanche beans. It means you throw  podded beans into boiling water. And let them boil for a very few minutes. And with this technique; you keep the beans firm, chewy and tasteful

seasoned broad beans

With this little tips comes a recipe. For seasoned broad beans. To serve with cold drinks and a platter of smoked almonds, onion pickles and skewers. Seasoned broad beans are so easy to prepare that  you could consider to pack this recipe. When planning to stay for a few days at a campsite or holiday home. Out in the country. The only tools you would need are:

  1. a campfire or BBQ
  2. a pot
  3. water
  4. a lid or plate to apply as a sieve
recipe seasoned broad beans
recipe seasoned broad beans