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Bonjour and welcome to Panier Emilie. That has been named after a 🇫🇷 market bag. Panier Emilie is the name for this insta diary on organic herbs & spices. The very reason to start this repository. Is the absence of an online to go to in the morning. My first start of the day is to have breakfast behind a screen. Whatever your thoughts are on this habit. I will stick to it. 

However there is no media platform on organic cooking, gardening. Nor on clean beauty. And household cleaning hacks?

In this magical frame of  30 minutes I absorb all news on various topics. From the latest news on To a preview of an  upcoming edition of House & Garden. However there is no substantial platform on organic cooking, gardening. Nor on clean beauty. And  household cleaning hacks? So voilà; I will start small. With a window on herbs and spices.  

herbs & spices

Spices are the output of conserving fresh herbs. Both herbs and spices will add this flavour to your dish. And to prepare a lovely meal.  You would need some sort of recipe or work order. To make this combination of ingredients taste well. So  are you following my drift?

With this focus upon herbs & spices, I could write about cooking. And I could take a step further. That is the chemical contribution of eating organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.  For example; organic strawberries contain a lot of antioxidants. The idea of eating a few strawberries a day.  Will add this bit of firmness to your skin. Is wonderful, isn’t it?

And did you know that they combine well with pressed lemons and some  baking soda. To give your teeth a whitening treatment. With a subtle outcome that will last a few days? 

cleaning hacks

Let’s go back to lemons. That are always on stock in my household. Lemons, baking soda and apple vinegar make great cleaners. So the more I framework the scope of this blog. The more I like to get going and start. In case you are missing topics. Or you like to comment. Feel free. In case you prefer to reach out in person. Please contact me at

Have a great day!


* tips & tricks that I share worked for me. And the outcome will not guarantee you will get the same results as I do. With these tips & tricks I like to give you an alternative idea. However it’s still up to you to finetune and learn what will work best for you